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Pitch Count Limits

League AgePitches Allowed Per Day
17 - 18105
13 - 1695
11 - 1285
9 - 1075
7 - 850

Rest Periods

League Ages 7 through 16
Number of PitchesRequired Days of Rest
66 or moreFour (4) Calendar Days
51 - 65Three (3) Calendar Days
36 - 50Two (2) Calendar Days
21 - 35One (1) Calendar Day
0 - 20Zero (0) Calendar Days
League Ages 17 through 18
Number of PitchesRequired Days of Rest
76 or moreFour (4) Calendar Days
61 - 75Three (3) Calendar Days
46 - 60Two (2) Calendar Days
31 - 45One (1) Calendar Day
0 - 30Zero (0) Calendar Days

General Pitch Count Guidelines - See Regulation VI For Complete Rule

  1. The new pitching regulations apply to baseball only!
  2. League to designate scorekeeper of other league official as offical pitch count recorder.
  3. Recorder to provide current pitch count for any pitcher when requested by manager or umpire.  Managers responsible for knowing when pitcher is to be removed.
  4. Recorder should inform game UIC when pitcher reaches limit and UIC then informs manager that pitcher has reached game limit and is to be removed.
  5. If a pitcher reaches his/her limit while facing a batter, that pitcher may continue pitching to that batter until one of following three conditions occur:  1) batter reaches base; 2) batter is put out; or 3) the 3rd out is made to complete a half inning.
  6. Failure of recorder to notify UIC and/or UIC to inform manager doesn.t relieve manager of responsibility of when to remove pitcher.
  7. Violation can result in protest of game.  Withdrawal of ineligible pitcher after announced or after warm-up pitch(es) but before pitching to batter is not a violation of the rule.
  8. Pitches delivered in tie or suspended games charged against pitcher's eligiibility.
  9. Pitcher of record may resume pitching in suspended game to extent of their eligibility that day, provided pitcher has observed required days of rest.