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Super special credit card, which is an exclusive product for retirees and pensioners of the INSS.

The Master credit card aims to offer financial services that make life easier and give your consumer audience more security.

Master Card is ideal for:

  • Beneficiary for child support;
  • Beneficiary of care assistance for the elderly;
  • Beneficiary of the assistance to the disabled person;
  • Beneficiary due to disability, contribution time, length of service and other profiles.

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How does Master Card work?

The card has the MasterCard banner. With it, the consumer has access to the consigned credit line, with monthly invoice amount directly debited in the payroll or the benefit, more competitive interest rate and exemption from annuity.

It is also possible to make purchases, in the credit function, in more than 1.8 million establishments in Brazil that accept the MasterCard.

Advantages of Master Card

  • No annuity fee;
  • Without consultation with SPC / Serasa;
  • Payroll discount;
  • Best market interest rates;
  • Cash withdrawals at Cirrus Network and Banco24Horas.

Advantage Programs


The purchasers of BMG cards also have access to the Advantages loyalty program, which converts purchases and withdrawals into points to be redeemed and exchanged for benefits.

Each time the customer uses the card, he accumulates points that can become discounts, prizes, travel, among others.


MasterCard Astonishing

The Surprise program generates direct benefits to users who pay for purchases with MasterCard cards. To participate, simply register the card on the website of the program.

After registration, each transaction, of any value, becomes worth one point. Points can be exchanged for products and services offered by program partners.

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